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Fairy Tale Ball - 19 December 2017

Welcome to Year 1 talk - PPT

History - We brought in some teddy bears from home, and from family members. We enjoyed looking at all the different styles of bears - old and new, and comparing them.

Athlete Visit: Today we had a visit from Jack Rutter - a paralympian athlete. We worked really hard and were really proud of ourselves.

Life Bus: We had great fun and learnt lots in the Life Bus today with Harold the Giraffe

Science: We went on an Autumn Walk, and described Autumn using our 5 senses.

Art: We had a 'Drawing Day', where we focused on drawing lots of different types of lines within our drawings.

Science: We learnt about 3 different types of cloud - cirrus, cumulus and stratus, and went outside cloud spotting.

Science: We have been learning about why we have seasons. We learnt that the Earth tilts and moves around the sun. We used a 'sun', a globe, and a torch to help us to see this.

Art: We made a fantastic Fairy tale paper sculpture, based on the work of Su Blackwell. Miss Higgins and Mrs Harvey were super impressed!!!

No Pens Day Wednesday: We did lots of fun learning activities, including judging a Shrek karaoke, and acting out Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Computing: We have been learning what an algorithm is, and exploring using Beebots.

Music: We were learning to play the glockenspiels to the beat of the music.

Geography - We have been learning about Brazil, and tried some fruits from this country. We tried papaya, mango and watermelon. Ask us what we thought of these fruits :)

Computing: We brought in and talked about our programmable toys.

Take a look at our amazing fairy tale projects that we made over the holidays. Miss Higgins was very impressed with them!

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